Australian Wharf and Bridge Vessels

Meet Our Main Fleet



You may have seen this versatile vessel delivering fuel, placing and servicing moorings, assisting in a salvage or pushing our barges to the next job.

Working the harbour and coastlines of NSW.



Working on jobs all over the NSW harbours enabling waterfront deliveries, construction, placing and servicing moorings, and fuel services.



The smallest tug of our fleet, but still strong and capable often assisting in salvages.

No1 Barge

NO 1 Barge

Capable of carrying our 35 ton crane with a 50 ton sheerleg ability.
As pictured here.

No3 Barge

No 3 Barge

Often used for fireworks displays and special events.
Capable of carrying our smaller crane with a 34 ton sheerleg ability.
As pictured here.

About us

 AWB Contractors Pty Ltd (Australian Wharf & Bridge) has successfully been completing maritime projects on Sydney Harbour, Pittwater, Botany Bay, Port Kembla and Newcastle Harbour for over 55 years.

Our mission

AWB Contractors strives to be the number one company in marine construction, deliveries, salvages and disposal. Call us today, to discuss your marine requirements, we will aim to achieve a cost-effective and safe way to complete your requirements.

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